Our Mission

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Fathers and Mothers Who Care Inc, a grassroots organization has a specific purpose to provide educational services and charitable assistance to families as needed.  Our mission is to spark community development by restoring under-served communities.  We strive to provide educational opportunities and to make sure the public is aware of these resources.  We know that to accomplish this, we must restore and offer continued support to individuals and families in these communities.

We currently serve anyone who comes to our office needing any type of assistance.  We currently offer a housing program as well as other types of housing assistance.  FMWC is currently working with the Los Angeles County on a specific mission to end homelessness.  FMWC  also focuses on citizens that face a wide range of challenges to reenter society, this includes Veterans, homeless individuals and families, ex-felons, and unaccompanied youth.

The goals of our organization are to more programs to assist the community development, education, and social services.  Fathers and Mothers Who Care Inc, is the community, FMWC is proud of our dedication to serve the people with excellence.